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A:  “The Sacred Seven are reminding you R. of their saying, “Consciousness creates Light.  Through Consciousness, you create.  You are taking an active role in establishing your Path and we are pleased with thatYou are not a product of FateYou are consciously creating your PathThis shows a sign of Spiritual maturity in those that have had many experiences and this is why you were able to teach as you have in the past with women; with your Women’s Circles; teaching them about honoring Self, honoring all Life.  We are pleased.  Don’t take for granted, how much that you have done.  Do not minimize your accomplishments.  It is important to remember that we stand in our Power and that we serve the Light, and that you’re a Child of God, and as a Child of God, there should never be a time that you minimize your Self in language or in thought, for you are worthy.  Understand that, and know that.”

It is so important to honor Self, because in honoring Self, we honor Creator.  It is appropriate for all of us to remember.


~  Love and Blessings,

Angela “Amayah”



B:  What is the message that Babaji has for B. tonight?


“Heart and Soul

You are to define,

Because it is for you

At this time

To acknowledge Self

By Divine Right

There is no one, more important

Than you, at this time

Feel your Heart

Feel your Soul

And it will be told to you

With Divine Wisdom

You know these things

You are to be reminded

Of this again

Honor Self, Honor Self

Let this be your Mantra

Because this is being given to you

By Decree

And it is now

That you must start to see

That never again

You take your Self for granted

For you, are a Wise One

That has lived many, many lives

And have taught others

To see this part of themselves

You have been temporarily blinded

By the world

And this is about

Taking your Self back

And making a stand

Walking your own Path

And standing in your own Power

For it will be in that hour

That you will hear the Celestial things

The tune is bright and the Angels sing

Of your Soul walking this Earth once again

Finding your own Music”


A:  “And it is done.”

B:  Thank you.


~  Love and Blessings,

Angela “Amayah”

S:  How do I use my empathy?

A:  “Empathy is instructive when it is used in a state of unconditional love, where you do not become attached to any outcome.  Your First Love should be of GOD.  Jesus, was empathetic to those that were around him that were suffering, but he did not allow them to manipulate or to get as it were, their hooks into him.  Remember the Teachings, when he was jeered and ridiculed.  This has to do with Spiritual maturity, learning how not to absorb others’ hurts and energy.  Do not make it yours.  You are to allow it to flow and flow freely.  Do not place conditions on this energy that is flowing.  Do not make it yours, because it is not your lessons.  They are the lessons of others.  You have your own.  So, you must remind your Self to allow them these lessons without any interference on your part and it is and was just like Archangel Gabriel said to Angela, “your job is to speak the Truth, your job isn’t to make it right for them.”  “So understand where this energy is coming from and don’t hold it close to your Self, because it is not yours, and this is gained through practice, and through being conscious and being aware at the time that it’s happening.  Practice makes perfect.  So, begin to practice, and it is done.”

~ Celestial Counselor Bazrah for S.

~  Blessings, Angela “Amayah”

T:  What message does Archangel Chamuel have for T. at this time?

A:  “It could be said, that I am the Love of your Heart, for it is I that will reveal Divine Love within you.  Know that there are no boundaries with regard to Love and its effects.  The Head cannot perceive the enormity of this energy, of this condition; of being in this place.  Know what it means to be in this loving state, void of thought.  This for you will be about pure feeling; feeling all of the different forms of Love, both Celestial Love; Divine Love, and Conditional Love.  You will feel your Heart Chakra expand when the energy fills it.  Do not become alarmed.  You’re not having a heart attack.  It is just an expansion that is taking place.  You’re moving into a time period of elevation; elevating your Beingness.  So, the first thing that we will remind you of, is to say, “Be Thou my Heart Safe, God.”  “Be Thou my Heart Safe, God,” for that was the first commandment, was to love God, the Creator.”  “And it is done.”

~  Blessings, Amayah

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A:  “It is with proper timing that we assist you with these tasks that have been brought before you.  In honoring of the Self, it is through Divine Inspiration that we bring this information in.  You are to use it.  You are to feel it.  You are to know it, for you are Divine.  This is a right that you have, and as we have said before, this is a part of you, this is not separate from youTo go Within, is to know Divinity; to know Divinity of the Self.  So, honor your Self.  Honor your Divinity.  There are precious Hearts that are here that are in need of Spiritual Sustenance, of Physical Sustenance, for the proper operation of their Body.  It is not a Hollow Shell that can be ignored, for it houses the Spirit.  It is in need of Nourishment; Proper Nourishment.” 

~  Holy Spirit

~  Blessings, Amayah

M:  What message does Archangel Uriel have for me?


“I am the Height of the Sun

I am the Morning Ray

I see across Eternity

For you, another Day

I cast my hand in Offering

To show you the Path that you Walk

For it is Essential

That you know this Path

Because it is a part of your Heart

Our hands are Joined

One on One

And it is Time

For them to Intertwine

I have your Grasp

It is Strong and Sure

You will know Me

When you Snore

You’ll feel my Breath

Upon your Cheek

And you may Ask

Anything of Me

For in times Past

You lived in UR.”

A:  “So once again, you can research and remember this time.  Feel the heat around your body; for you, the Sun is being defined, so that it may shine, and it is so.”  

(Archangel Uriel for M.)

~  Blessings, Amayah

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Soul Reading……

“Heal Thy Self

In the time that is Past

Where the Fir tree Grows

In the Earth so Black

The Cascade of Water

Is rushing By

And it is the Sun

Where you do Fly;

The Sun of Self

Bridges the Gap

And it is with Peace

That you will Find

The area that we speak Of

Is in Washington State

And it is a Life

That you need to go Into

To fully Understand

The special Connection

That you had to this Land.”

     (Archangel Raphael for A.)

~  Blessings, Amayah

Light on the Water

“Is the Force of the Light too blinding

for you to perceive the Glory of your

own Light?  You have allowed the

Shadow of Time to cover part of that 

Light.  This Shadow needs to be

removed, so you can fully see the

fullness of your own Light.

Concentrate on the Pathway between

the Head and the Heart.”  

(Holy Spirit)

~  Blessings, Amayah


Find your Firmness of Spirit.” 

     (for Group by Holy Spirit)

~  Blessings, Amayah

Jesus Christ.jpg.5

“Cast all your doubts Aside

Let God be your Guide

For your Heart is pure in Form

So Listen

It is not the Norm

Cast these doubts Out

Do not let them back In

For you are More

Than the physical Body

You are More

Than a Being on Earth

 We see the Totality

Of your Self

We know You

You know Us

Honor your Self

For you are Worthy

You are Kind

You are Gentle

You have Knowledge

You have Wisdom

Honor your Self

And Let It Be”

     (Spirit for S.)

~  Blessings, Amayah

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