“It is with righteous indignation that the line of power runs forward to expose all misdeeds.”


Love and Blessings,

Angela “Amayah”


PET_7607 Angela Guszregan clmamaL de28 FINAL

R:  Ok, this is for Amayah.  What message does YHWH have for Amayah tonight?


“Raise your Voice in Song

Let the Ages hum along

Open your Self to Receive

And it shall Be

Answers given to Thee,

I have you in my Loving Embrace

And you’re going to be given my Grace

In honoring Me

You honor your Self

Words are spoken

Let their Power be heard”


Love and Blessings,

Angela “Amayah”

Michelle Eye

(Artist – Michelle Chambers)


G:  This is G.  What message comes from Melchizedek?

A:  “I am the Ray of Light that supersedes all other bands and their vibration.  My Light reveals all Truth on every level.  You are to use this Light for clarification, so call on me for these answers.”

Love and Blessings,

Angela “Amayah”

Michelle Flowerface.1

(Artist – Michelle Chambers)


C:  Hi.  What message does Archangel Gabriel have for C.?

A:  “You may call me Gabby, because I’m going to be talking a lot with you.  I will be the one speaking in your ear.  We will have conversation.  I will be near to you.  So, pay attention to your ears.  Feel the energy that will come around them, for I will walk to either side to test your awareness as you abide, by the lessons that I give.  It will be fun, so honor me in laughter and in fun.  Not always are the lessons hard, nor do they need intense, mental clarity.  It is through the Heart that One may see rightly and it is best to clarify the Heart.  So, enjoy this time with me, and I will help you to see what you need to know.  Go further.  Go further.  And it is done.”

Love and Blessings,

Angela “Amayah”



T:  What message does Archangel Chamuel have for T. at this time?

A:  “It could be said, that I am the love of your Heart, for it is I that will reveal Divine Love within you.  Know that there are no boundaries with regard to Love and its effects.  The head cannot perceive the enormity of this energy, of this condition; of being in this place.  Know what it means to be in this loving state, void of thought.  This for you will be about pure feeling; feeling all of the different forms of Love, both Celestial Love, Divine Love, and Conditional Love.  You will feel your Heart Chakra expand when the energy fills it.  Do not become alarmed.  You’re not having a heart attack.  It is just an expansion that is taking place.  You’re moving into a time period of elevation; elevating your Beingness So, the first thing that we will remind you of, is to say, “Be Thou my Heart Safe, God.”  “Be Thou my Heart Safe, God,” for that was the first commandment, was to love God, the Creator.”  “And it is done.”

Love and Blessings,  

Angela “Amayah”



Angela's Eyes


What message does Enoch have for G?

A:  “Write, write, write.  Write your thoughts.  Write your experiences.  Write about your Meditations.  Write about what you feel.  There is nothing so insignificant in your life that you should consider it not worth writing about, because it is through this visual exercise that you will start to perceive various levels of learning.  So, for you this would be like painting a picture using many different colors, in describing what you are sensing, and thus acknowledging the Divinity of Self.  So, I would say here, that it is important for you to write all of these things down, and only when you learn them your Self, will you be able to teach and guide, and give credence to others that you would teach to do this with.  First, each individual goes through their own lessons.  Then, it’s about sharing; sharing insight, sharing fears, sharing joys and happiness, sharing Unity, sharing Right Mind.  So, this is more than a task.  It should be perceived as being a joyful endeavor, just like watching a movie, waiting for the different scenes to unfold, revealing the Totality.  So, enjoy this process.  And it is done.”


Love and Blessings,

Angela “Amayah”


Gold Leaves-Montana

T:  What message does Elan have for me today?

A:  “It is with proper guidance that I take you by the hand and I lead you in that land, to that place of enlightenment.  There is a Tree of Knowledge that branches out so pure in reference to your Soul; things you’ve had to endure.  Each leaf has been examined for the lesson or lessons you have learned.  The Knowledge is now within you and the wisdom is left behind.  This is a part of your training.  It is a part of your Cloak.  It is what shields you.  So, as you envision, let my breath speak into your ears to open that faculty more.  You may feel puffs of wind.  Do not become alarmed.  It is necessary, for as it is sometimes said, “blowing out the cobwebs.”  “Training is essential for the refinement and gilding of your Soul’s Book.  I will reveal more of this to you later, but just know that there’s going to be things written for you to know.  The Plan was laid.  It was discussed.  The curriculum is now what is before you, and it is done.”    Spirit


~  Love and Blessings,

Angela “Amayah”

Angel with Stars


“It is with Divine Inspiration that we come to you with a modicum of reserve and a wealth of Inspiration.  It is through teaching and learning and accepting that you go forward on your Path, transparent in your resolve, establishing your success and written in your own records, for soon you will see the ramifications of every thought and action that you have ever taken on this Path to Discovery.  We are honored to serve and we are with you in Love.  So, Be It.”   ~  Spirit

Love and Blessings,


Juneau 030

A:  “The Sacred Seven are reminding you R. of their saying, “Consciousness creates Light.  Through Consciousness, you create.  You are taking an active role in establishing your Path and we are pleased with thatYou are not a product of FateYou are consciously creating your PathThis shows a sign of Spiritual maturity in those that have had many experiences and this is why you were able to teach as you have in the past with women; with your Women’s Circles; teaching them about honoring Self, honoring all Life.  We are pleased.  Don’t take for granted, how much that you have done.  Do not minimize your accomplishments.  It is important to remember that we stand in our Power and that we serve the Light, and that you’re a Child of God, and as a Child of God, there should never be a time that you minimize your Self in language or in thought, for you are worthy.  Understand that, and know that.”

It is so important to honor Self, because in honoring Self, we honor Creator.  It is appropriate for all of us to remember.


~  Love and Blessings,

Angela “Amayah”


B:  What is the message that Babaji has for B. tonight?


“Heart and Soul

You are to define,

Because it is for you

At this time

To acknowledge Self

By Divine Right

There is no one, more important

Than you, at this time

Feel your Heart

Feel your Soul

And it will be told to you

With Divine Wisdom

You know these things

You are to be reminded

Of this again

Honor Self, Honor Self

Let this be your Mantra

Because this is being given to you

By Decree

And it is now

That you must start to see

That never again

You take your Self for granted

For you, are a Wise One

That has lived many, many lives

And have taught others

To see this part of themselves

You have been temporarily blinded

By the world

And this is about

Taking your Self back

And making a stand

Walking your own Path

And standing in your own Power

For it will be in that hour

That you will hear the Celestial things

The tune is bright and the Angels sing

Of your Soul walking this Earth once again

Finding your own Music”


A:  “And it is done.”

B:  Thank you.


~  Love and Blessings,

Angela “Amayah”

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